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Weekly High Performance (HiPO) Learning Groups & Monthly Townhall Sessions

Learning anything new on your own can be quite an overwhelming processs at times. We organise weekly virtual HiPO groups for people interested to teach themselves anything and monthly Townhall Sessions for the community to network and build projects together!

"Our mission here at The Hacker Collective is to get you through the tough and lonely moments in the journey of teaching yourselves anything, relying both on our network of supportive community and mentor's expertise in your field of interest."

- The Hacker Collective Team


A personality trait of self-determination, that is, the ability to regulate and adapt behavior to the demands of a situation in order to achieve personally chosen goals and values.


A mentor will be assigned to each HiPO sessions to facilitate the community's entire learning process.

Real-world Projects

A new learning model in collaborating with companies for you to start working on real-world projects while you're still learning. This will further enhance your skills by allowing you to apply your knowledge, and boost your employability by the end of the programme!


Our Learning Model

We tailored our programme to suit how you can learn best!

Step 1:
Front End Development & Web Fundamentals

Understand the overall tech landscape, pick up the right tools of trade and start coding!

1Building A Strong Foundation
Web Development Overview
Define the idea you want to build
Code the building block of the web with HTML
Start designing with CSS
Introduction to Javascript
Data Structures and Algorithm
Object Oriented Programming
DOM Manipulation
Javascript ES6
Make your life easier and scale your app with Vue.js

Step 2:
Intermediate Concepts & Backend Development

Get fluent with the right tools of your trade.

Full Stack Web Development

  • Introduction to Unix Command Lines
  • Version Control with Git/Github
  • Run Javascript outside of the web with Node.js
  • Create secure request endpoints with Express.js
  • Link your app to a database with MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Implement secure authentications with Auth0
  • Deploy your web application with Heroku

Click here to see more information on our curriculum.

Mobile Apps

  • Dart, Flutter Widgets
  • Unix Command Lines, Git/Github
  • Connecting to Native Layer (camera /gps etc)
  • Firebase

Click here to see more information on our curriculum.

Data Science

  • Excel
  • Python, Pandas , Matplotlib
  • Tensorflow
  • Scikitlearn
  • Pytorch

Click here to see more information on our curriculum.

Step 3:
Go LIVE Programme

Get out of tutorial hell! Get exposure to real-world production-ready codebases to stand out from the crowd in this competitive job market.

1What is this?

It's our unique learning model where we give opportunities to learners to jumpstart their career in tech!

We select competent participants to take part in real-world projects. Weekly meetup continues as usual, with an additional meetup for the project.

Step 4:
Teach and Lead

Now that you have come to the end of the course! It's time to show off your hard earned skills by teaching others, inspiring them and ultimately giving back to early-stage learners like you!

There is no better way of proving your skills than teaching others to learn as well. By teaching others, it shows that you have fully mastered the subject and it helps to fill in the little gaps in your knowledge that you might've accidentally skipped out back in the early days of your self-taught adventure.

More On Step 2..

Choosing Your Niche

Now that you have a sound level of computational thinking skills, it's time to get good at the tools of your trade.

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Learn the data science essentials.

Monthly: USD 170

Duration: 3 months.

  • Data Science Lifecycles
  • Mathematical Fundamentals
  • Linear Regressions
  • Neural Networks
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
photo of full stack hipo

Full Stack

Learn, build projects, get hired.

Monthly: USD 170

Duration: 4-6 months.

  • Javascript
  • VueJS
  • Node.js, Express.js
  • MongoDB, Mongoose
  • Build a startup with us!
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Flutter Mobile
App Development

Build high quality mobile apps!

Monthly: USD 170

Duration: 3 months.

  • Dart
  • Flutter Widgets
  • State Management
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Firebase Backend Integration
  • Build & deploy real projects!

Why practice on toy projects?
Learn from Real-World Projects with firms we collaborate with!


Participate in our new GoLIVE programme. Continue your weekly meetups with us, while getting matched with real companies for the opportunity to apply your knowledge and work on real-world projects! This will drastically improve your skill set and boost your employability!
These companies include: Multinational companies, Accounting firms, Tech startups, Digital Agencies and more!

Check out some of our work here.
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Read Our HiPO Testimonials

Everyone in our HiPO groups are our partners and we can't imagine a better future for this community without helping them reach their objectives

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“I’ve tried to learn coding online, but it’s hard when you’re doing it alone without any guidance. I’m happy to join the class as it accelerates my understanding towards the subject. The presence of classmates helped my motivation in tackling tough subjects.”


photo of full stack hipo
"I went from having zero knowledge to being fully exposed to the world of tech and improving my problem solving skills!"


photo of full stack hipo
"Started off as a junior HiPO participant learning web development from scratch, these weekly meetups motivated me in my journey in self-teaching. Now, I'm giving back by being a Jumpstarter for beginner groups!"

Finance Graduate

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"Learning to code alone was really difficult. The Hacker Collective provided me the perfect platform to meet like-minded individuals and helped me open the doors to the world of development."
Ashley Foo


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"I joined the very first HiPO group and was very happy to find a great community that is passionate about learning new technologies. This has definitely sharpened my software development skills along the way and made me so much more confident in tackling real world projects."

Mobile App Developer

photo of full stack hipo
"Coming from Iran, I told myself to self-learn coding with hopes to start my career as a front-end developer. However for the past year, I've been stuck in tutorial purgatory. I couldn't build anything from scratch! Now I'm really happy to be offered an opportunity to work on real-world projects with The Hacker Collective."

Business Student

photo of full stack hipo
"I came across The Hacker Collective when I was looking into programming. They were able to provide a community where we were able to learn from one another. We were also able to pick up projects which is also what i'm currently doing right now with The Hacker Collective "

Project Manager


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  • During the call we'll require some information about your current level, solely to find out which HiPO group we should add you in
  • You're not obliged to join after this registration, this is just so we can understand each other better
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Our Team

Here are the men and women behind this amazing movement!
Find out more about the entire team here.

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Yu Jeen

Cybersecurity Lead

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Flutter Lead

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We Are Passionate About The Self-Motivated, Self-Taught Community

Our goal is to provide the individuals who are in their learning journey a broad array of support/guidance from peers, mentors and people from the industry. Ultimately, we are working on agreements with corporate partners to link up community members to get internship or junior roles in our partner companies!

  • Everything we recommend is practical and actively used in industry.
  • You will become a more value-adding individual in wherever you go after picking up new skills with us.

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