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Welcome to The Hacker Collective

Here’s a little about the people behind this initiative. Let’s get connected and grow the movement together!

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What are we all about?

We are all about redefining the way things are done & creating new opportunities when others see problems. The Hacker Collective is on a journey to share the hacker mindset, empowering people to think like hackers, armed with the knowledge of software and go on to monetise their skillsets by making impact in society.

Our Story

The Hacker Collective was co-founded in 2019 by Ming & Deric. Being young, broke and ambitious startup founders, they had to learn the ropes the self-taught way. Be it tech, marketing, design, product management, whatever it is to help solve problems at hand. They believe grit and persistency is necessary to make things happen. The Hacker Collective is a place they wished they had when starting off. A place for people to come together to learn, build awesome ventures and make impact in society.

Who we are

Ming Yu


Founded The Hacker Collective in 2019, after he successfully taught himself to be a coder in 1 year and landed a job paying a higher salary than that of a fresh-graduate, even without a university degree in tech.Now working on multiple software projects, tech startups and wholly focused on growing the tech community in Southeast Asia.

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Deric is an entrepreneur that loves technology and building scalable ventures.Coming from a background in Finance and Venture Capital, he got too inspired by the technopreneurs he met in his journey that then led him to quit his job and took the plunge to join the digital world by self-learning tech and entrepreneurship to explore the vast world of startups. Currently actively leading the business team for The Hacker Collective's Educational and Venture Building Arm.

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Our Vision

We want to live in a world where everyone has equal abilities to learn new tech skills, monetise their skillsets and launch new ventures, without going in debt or spending a bomb for it.

Our Mission

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    We are on a mission to empower 1,000 individuals from zero to software natives every year and create hundreds of scalable ventures to solve real-world problems.

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    We believe that the opportunities to make a positive, profound, and long-lasting impact on society are greater than ever thanks to new technologies. It is crucial to have exceptional people build groundbreaking companies and equip the next generation with essential skills to stay ahead of the well-anticipated digital revolution.

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    We strive to become a dynamic, connected powerhouse of technology innovators and pioneers who are eager to learn, ready to do business, and determined to make a difference

  • Our Teams


    Originating from Southeast Asia reminds us to take our own responsibility, lead with empathy and treat one another with sincerity..


    Not only are we not easily phased out by changes, we actively seek them out. We plan ahead of the unexpected and nurture creativity from within.


    Working in multiple geographical areas teaches us about openness. We seek to build partnerships and collaborate across the boundaries.


    We approach problems with our enthusiasm. We keep our fighting spirit up to do more with less and always give it our best shot.


    We think big and think differently. We see challenges as opportunities and we are ambitious about turning uncertainty into trophy.


    We treat our work with an unparelled passion for excellence. Every step we take is driven from a relentless will to succeed and make an impact.

    The kind of people we look for

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    Ambitious underdogs

    We are looking for people that are not afraid of the unknown and are hungry to explore, learn & execute. Every day is always Day 1 for us. We fight with our founders against the odds – to build game-changing businesses.


    Energetic advocates

    Every day we spread enthusiasm and positivism about the future with others. We love to see opportunities where others see challenges. We deeply care about technology and what we do – and we expect the same from you.


    Humble teamplayers

    Empathy and a “down-to-earth” mentality are essential for us and our collaboration as a team. We deeply respect the journey founders undertake and we aim to be there with them – during the sunny and the rainy days.

    Our Culture

    Who are we?

    Here are the men and women who work around the clock with an enormous amount of determination to keep our operations running smoothly!

    • Ming Yu


    • Deric


    • Kaiz

      Full Stack Developer

    • Rifat

      Software Developer

    • Ferdous

      Software Developer

    • Pierce

      Junior Web Developer

    • Michael Munar

      Junior Web Developer

    • Julio

      Junior Web Developer

    • Izza

      UI/UX Designer

    • Jin Yung

      Junior Software Developer

    • Yap Yee Qiang

      Junior Software Developer

    • Chin Wei

      UI/UX Designer

    • Shir Yin

      Software Developer Intern

    • Johnny

      Junior Web Developer

    • Blaise Tong

      Front End Developer

    • Uzair

      Junior Software Developer

    • Linus

      Community Executive

    • Shen Sin

      Social Media Specialist

    • Beatrice

      Public Relations Intern

    • Samantha Hoo

      Community Executive


    Here are the awesome hackers actively contributing to the livelihood of our 500+ community's events and meetups. If you love what we’re doing and want to contribute to the movement, join us here

    • Yu Jeen

    • Sultani

    • Logan

    • Lian Li

    • Bob

    • Raja

    • Candice

    • Alexa

    • Elise

    • Shatish

    • Clement

    • Wilson

    • Bill

    • Yuu Chin

    • Sean Ho

    • Robin

    • Kah Hoe

    • Kelvin

    • Min Hao

    • Aidan

    • Fitri

    • Alvin Yap

    • Maisarah

    • Jun Qi

    • Nic

    • Leonard

    • Alvin

    • Yang

    • Huyen

    • Joon Jian

    Where are we located

    We are fully remote now! Will re-open our Hacker Space after the pandemic settles


    We look forward to having you in our awesome community at The Hacker Collective!

    Our mission is to help meet the high demand in tech professionals by building a community of self-taught techies and creating a healthy startup ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia. If your personal goals are aligned with us, don't hesitate to apply!

    Which team would you like to be a part of?

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