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About Our Graduates

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We take pride in training our students. When they graduate, they have a strong technical foundation, real-world technical skills, teamwork skills, and excellent problem-solving skills.

What are they already competent on?

Our programme prides ourselves on training tech talents that are tech agnostic with strong foundations, which means they have the core competencies to learn up the requirements according to your organisation's need in a short period of time!

What sets them apart?

Diverse Talent

While our students graduate as job-ready developers, they were previously engineers, bankers, and marketer! Our graduates not only equip with work-ready skills, they also have their own unique skills accumulated from previous work experience to help you get the business rolling.

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Great Problem Solver

Our unique peer-to-peer study model ensures all our students are able to become creative problem solvers. Our graduates are accustomed to constantly learning new technologies in the job market.

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Hands-on real world tech project experience

Our courses are designed by experienced industry practitioners, and all graduates will be introduced to industry-relevant languages and platforms. They also need to build a startup idea as their final project!

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Junior Hackers Day

Junior Hackers Day is a chance for our full-time and part-time students to present their final projects to hiring partners. It is tailored to connect graduates with cutting-edge organizations.

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Tech Tours

Tech Tours allow your firm to communicate its culture and values to an eager audience of potential employees, offering insight into the qualities you want in a candidate.

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Mock Interviews

A chance for your company to perform technical interview with our graduates, giving you the opportunity to engage with prospective applicants.

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