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Reducing the barriers to building disruptive tech startups with our expertise in all things startups - tech, marketing, fundraising, you name it!

We Enable Entrepreneurship

Accelerated Tech Startup Builder

Building tech startups, the lean way!

Making tech startup & entrepreneurship possible for everyone

Reducing entry barriers

Our mission is to reduce the barriers to launching a tech startup. You don’t need to quit your job and lose your primary source of income or starve to build the startup.

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Let us be your startup guide

Our hybrid tech co-founder model allows you to fund it at the lowest cost possible with us as your trusted tech co-founders who are in it with you for the long-run.

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Flexible commitment

Have the option to keep your full-time job, build the tech startup on the side, pivot if you have to, and get small successes as you go. Finally, dedicate your full-time efforts ONLY when you see it's potential to scale and pay your bills!

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Flexible collaboration model

Choose the collaboration style that suits you best

Choose one according to your business goals and capital model. Unsure? We’re up to discuss and guide you through the process!


Tech Cofounder Arrangement

We charge only to cover costs without making a profit, for equity.


Outsource Arrangement

We charge normal rates and do not take any equity. We function just like any software development house.


Tech Investor Arrangement

We bear all development costs as investment in the company.

Reach out to us and let us be your startup guide


30 - 90 days

Design, develop, deploy.

Who is this for

Anyone with ideas

You have the idea. You champion it. We build the tech. And you focus on the business.



Minimum-Viable-Product. Ready to launch and go to market.


Below market rate

Build only the minimal. And quickly bring it to the market.

Flexible collaboration model

What we invest in

Choose one according to your business goals and capital model. Unsure? We’re up to discuss and guide you through the process!


We look for platforms that facilitate better matching of supply and demand


We like new media publishers that disrupt traditional channels of communication


We are particularly interested in start-ups that use technology to solve age-old enterprise problems

Arrangement Process

Here’s how our venture building process works!


Submit the form below with the arrangement you're interested in


We discuss to break the ice and understand your business better


We will be doing our research to validate your business model and product

Start building

If all goes well in our arrangements, we get to work immediately!

How this works

From idea to launch as your trusted tech partner


We work on your initial ideas or collaborate with you on developing potential ventures. Speak directly to our founders and product leads to solidify the idea, product feature list and go-to-market strategy.

You choose your preferred arrangement and we’ll craft a complete product proposal before passing it on to the development team.

Support team


You will be assigned a team of experts in product managers, developers and designers to work closely with to build according to the product specifications, according to the timeline.


After the initial production-ready application is deployed, we will assist you on marketing/bizdev strategies to gain traction and evaluate the feasibility, time, cost, and risk of the product.

Using continual feedback, we will constantly iterate on the your product asap until we achieve product-market-fit.

Support team


As soon as the product gains traction, we will assist you with investor meetings and fundraising to complete the full product development and scale it up from there.

You focus on the business.
We help you build the tech.

We would like to work with you no matter what is your background











If you have domain expertise in your area of work and see potential for disruption,

we want to work with you


You don’t need a huge capital to begin your own startup.


You don’t need a million ideas to start building your business, you just need one.


You don’t need a degree in business/tech to launch your own startup.

P.S: Need help to brainstorm your ideas? Just register and hop on a free call with us.

Why Work With Us?

We simply love tech startups!

We’re doing this ourselves too and we love the whol process of ideating, designing, developing, talking to users, launching and fundraising. Entrepreneurship is in our blood!


We develop your tech startup idea, build a prototype and bring it to life in as fast as 1-3 months.

Budget friendly

We build your product at way below market price to ease your budget constraint. Trust us, it’s a steal!

Pilot testing

Our pilot scheme assists you with user onboarding to validate & evaluate the feasibility of the product for further iterations.


If all goes well, we personally invest or connect you with our network of investors to speed up your growth.

I don’t have a business idea yet. I came from a non-technical background. Can I still sign up?

Yes you can! This programme is designed to help you ideate your business idea. Build the prototype, bring it to market and iterate fast!

As long as you’re ambitious and determined, we will work closely with you, step-by-step to build your startup and launch it to the market with you.


startups we have launched


You made it so far, all the way here...

You must be serious about building your business, it's okay to have doubt or feel unsure. That's why we're here! To help you.

Register to schedule a FREE strategy call with us now!


Access to top experts from venture builders, tech specialist & marketing experts

Be on top of your competitors as you scale your business. Get insights to new business trends and various strategies on scaling and launching your product. Build a tech startup in 30 days, for less than a fraction of the market rate.

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Dynamic support and network from our community

Have more questions or new business challenges you need to solve? Get support from our Discord community. We have industry leaders coming from various background including banking, finannce, tech, marketing, food science and more!

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Who should join?

We want to work with ambitious and driven individuals who are hungry to make their dreams a reality.

This venture building initiative is for:

  • Dynamic individuals who are looking to design, build and launch their products, even with no tech startup experience.
  • Working professionals who are sick of the system and want to make a difference and make impact in society.
  • Working professionals who are unsure if they should quit their jobs until they know for sure that their ideas will work (after gaining traction from the product prototype)
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who knows exactly what they want and will do whatever it takes to bring their ideas to life.

Frequently asked questions

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