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You have ideas. You have passion.
You have determination.
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We look out for individuals who are committed to their work, willing to put up the long hours, determined to succeed have a clear goal for themselves. Because ultimately, we don't really fund the idea. We fund them, the entrepreneurs themselves. If this is you, and you are willing to go all out, then talk to us

We know that getting started is hard. Let us help you

Our focus is connecting entrepreneurs with ideas to investors who are willing to invest in individual entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Don’t have a tech team? Partner with us as your tech co-founder and pitch your ideas together

We are firstly a tech company. Our commitment is to building amazing quality tech work that gives startups we work with an edge over the competition. We innovate, build and deploy applications faster and cheaper than any others in the market. This is our commitment.

New to pitching? Need some expert advice

As a startup builder, we have gone through countless pitches and ideas. If selected, we will work with you to fine tune your pitch to maximise your chances of getting funded

How it works

Simple steps on our process works

Pitch your idea to us

We don’t need a 100 page powerpoint. Send us the key details of the idea, your vision and the problem it’s solving.

How to know your idea is the next big thing

Work on the tough big crazy ideas that give you goosebumps. You need to have something unique, special that solves a big problem among your customers.

The art of storytelling and getting the audience to listen.

The world is flooded with messages. You have to be skilled at the art of telling your story. People love stories. Get them on your side.

Get shortlisted

We are looking for committed entrepreneurs who are passionate about the problem they want to solve

What it takes to become an entrepreneur

Grit, passion, determination, luck and a bit of craziness. We share our journey with you as a startup builder

Why following the crowd will get you nowhere

Sometimes it just pays to be different. If you want average results, do average things.

Pitch to a select pool of angel investors

We have a monthly pitching round with investors. No worries if you aren’t. Work with us and see how we can help you get funded at the next stage

How to speak to investors and get funded

Asking someone to give you money sounds impossible. However, you just need to excite them with your vision. Here’s how.

Old folks know a ton. Leverage on their contacts for the win.

Believe it or not, older folks have decades of experience and knowledge. How can the young guns harvest that and learn something new?

Get funded

We fund a range of USD10K to USD50K for your venture. Our goal is to incubate you enough to move to the next round of fundraising

How much money is enough to start a startup

We break down for you the math needed to build and launch your startup

Hacking your way to startup 10x growth. The power of leverage

Borrowing money sounds like a dirty word. It’s not. If you don’t borrow money, you are going to be left behind in the startup race.

Build and Grow your startup

Now that you have the funds, you can start building your MVP and get those first customers.

Pre-marketing your startup to hack your way to success.

The best marketeers can sell their vision even without a product. Sell me this pen.

Building your brand mission and vision to attract your first customers

Customers will come to you only if they believe in you. Make them believe, and you will fly.

Ming Yu


Ming is a techie that loves technology and building ventures. Ming has been involved in various industries throughout his career, from corporate finance to logistics, merchandising, digital marketing, consumer goods and technology.

His corporate history includes multi-national corporates the likes of Samsung, PwC and OCBC Bank.


As the brain child of THC Venture Capital, his aim is to grow the startup ecosystem in Malaysia and build great businesses that can improve the future of the South East Asian economy.

Ming Yu



Deric is an entrepreneur that loves technology and building scalable ventures.

Coming from a background in Finance and Venture Capital, he got too inspired by the technopreneurs he met in his journey that then led him to quit his job and took the plunge to join the digital world by self-learning tech and entrepreneurship to explore the vast world of startups.

Currently actively leading the business team for The Hacker Collective's Educational and Venture Building Arm.

Deric Yee

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