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The Hacker Collective is at the forefront of

Southeast Asia’s billion-dollar startup ecosystem

Join the ride in Southeast Asia’s booming startup scene

The Hacker Collective is aiming to build the next 100 startups to cater to Southeast Asia’s evergrowing demand for tech innovation

Southeast Asia’s digital companies is expected to grow to US$1 Trillion by 2025

E-commerce projected to reach US$254 billion in 2026
Covid-19 has spurs massive tech adoption and demand in the region
Tech funding reached US$7.7 billion in 2020

We invite you to become our investor-partner and together we can make a difference

Invest with us

Whether you’re an angel investor, high networth individual, ex-CEO or retiree, we want to make investing in startups easy and worth your money.

Investment networking

At The Hacker Collective, we connect investors to early stage dynamic entrepreneurs.

Early access

Invest in early stage entreprenuers through our South East Asia Startup ecosystem

Ride the wave

Don’t miss out on investment opportunities to be part of the next wave of startups. We’re building a full ecosystem of startups to get funded and go big.

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Co-fund with other investors so you never have to be the sole investor

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Becoming a mentor to entrepreneurs

Join us as mentors to young entrepreneurs.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Leverage your wealth and expertise and help guide young entrepreneurs through their journey of startup building

Sharing sessions

Mentor and give back to startups by offering experience and guidance to young entrepreneurs through our mentor connect sessions. A monthly gathering of 10 entrepreneurs sharing their challenges and learning with the group

How it works

Offer to commit approx 3 hours of your time monthly to sit down with a group of young entrepreneurs going throguh their monthly support group session

Be the moderator and ask them the key questions and give them support and guidance to the challenges they face

Should some entrepreneurs need one on one advice, that will be a seperate arrange between you and the entrepreneur.

Meet the entrepreneurs

We find dynamic individuals who have drive, passion, grit and determination. Who will do what it takes to succeed. All they need is someone willing to take a chance on them and believe in them.

We match you to these individuals who have amazing ideas but needs a mentor or backer to help them boost their startup growth and ideas

  • Meet Jack

    He wants to shape the way restaurant analytics is done. He’s been running his business for over a year and has invested USD30K into his business. He wants to bring it to the next level and is looking for funding to grow his startup and reach out to 100 restaurants

  • Meet Maddy

    She believes in mental health and sees a big future in the way mental health is done. Getting started is just the first step. Her vision is to grow to become the next application to greatly improve the lives and mental fitness of thousands of workers across the country.

Are you an avid entrepreneur?
We need your help to teach the next generation of entrepreneurs

About The Hacker Collective

THC is a group of hackers, misfits and rebel thinkers that don’t believe in the status quo. They like to explore new ways of solving problems and ultimately aim to build the next 100 startups in South East Asia. Currently they train, build and market startups through their unique programs. With this on board, you will be gaining the opportunity to invest and mentor all the startups under the company and become part of this movement to create the next 100 startups in the region.

Meet the team behind THC Funds



The business

Focuses on analyzing business trends. An avid marketeer who focuses on creating great businesses through digital marketing



The techie

An avid tech enthusiast and software engineer that is always looking out at how tech innovations can disrupt the industry



The analyst

Good with financial numbers and analyzing businesses and projecting their future cashflows

How it works?


Sign up your details and join our monthly newsletter where we share with you top startups in our network that are looking for investors.


For those that are also interested to mentor startups, we will reach out to you to schedule which groups of startups you would be keen to mentor and we can schedule that available time slot at a location of your convinence.

Why work with us?

We mean business when it comes to identifying and growing promising startups that would generate return on investment

Access to top startups

We can get you access to the best entrepreneurs and startups through our extensive network

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Selection process

A startup incubator that sees dozens of startups monthly. We understand what works and what just doesnt. We prefilter only the top startups to share with you on a monthly basis.

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Industry know-how

Run by young entrepreneurs for young entrepreneurs. We understand and can relate to startups and know the challenges they are going through.

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Who do we look out for in investors



Willing to invest in a mininum ticket size of US$10,000 per investment.



"We believe in angel investors who are keen to invest in early stage startups and have a higher risk appetite for failure.



These investors believe in the future of startups and young entrepreneurs and want to see them succeed



Has experience in a particular industry with expertise and know how to advice

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