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There is an expected shortage of 25,000 skilled workers in Singapore for the next 5 years, causing growth to slow by 2%

The talent shortage is getting greater. But why?

Most talent lack the right experience

When most companies create job advertisements, they have a "ideal" candidate in mind, which results in a long list of requirements. Too many requirements may deter talented candidates from applying for the open position.

Geographic limitations

In some cases, the problem isn't so much a lack of talent as it is a lack of distribution. Workers with the necessary skills cannot be found in the area and cannot be persuaded to relocate.


Fierce Competition

Given the decreasing talent pool, it should come as no surprise that competition for talented personnel has risen dramatically. It can be difficult to attract talented individuals in a candidate's market.

If startups are not able to affordably work with talents, they stand to lose out or eventually run out of cash, causing the death of the business.

We Got Your Back!

Gain a competitive advantage by building a bigger talent pool faster and cheaper than others

We create a talent pipeline between developing economies and Singapore

We will vet, upskill and manage talent whilst allowing them to work on projects for Singapore firms

We find talent that are highly dynamic, creative, english spoken and have technical skills required to assist startups in Singapore


Be based at home, at our hubs or have your own private offices.
It’s up to you!

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We find companies who are looking to hire and talents who wants to work


We match you to each other based on your culture, requirements and budget


You make the final decisions

Here’s how we build and outsource skilled tech talents


Upskilling through education

All our talents will have to go through an intensive bootcamp to ensure they meet the highest standards. We work closely with our customers to provide short term upskilling to ensure skills are up to date and meets the requirements.


Working with international companies to meet their talent needs

Providing them remote skilled workers on demand with flexible duration periods. Our constant stream of sourcing and building talent ensures we will always have highly skilled individuals on demand ready to take on any challenges given our way.


Providing a dynamic, close knit community for people to work, play and live together

Individuals provide their best work when they are surrounded by other dynamic talented individuals. We are building hubs across major cities in South East Asia, thus creating a productive working environment for our talents to thrive and grow. Career mentorship and support for every talent that joins us to ensure they are clear on their future path. We believe people become their best and produce their best work when they are among other like minded talented people. Thus we are creating work hubs, places of talent dense and creativity where ideas are flowing and new friendships are made. These are work optimized spaces designed to get you focused on your work at hand whilst keeping an open space concept to free your mind to wander and dream big.


Ensuring we attract the best through top market pay

We strive to pay our talents top market rates for the skills and thus attract the best to join us.

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