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4-week bootcamp that helps you gain technical and soft skills from real-world project experience. Accelerated path to working with tech companies.

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Online/ In-Person Hybrid

Problems junior/inexperienced developers are facing

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Lack of exposure to the tech companies and hiring market demands


Low job readiness and limited real-world project experience


Underdeveloped soft-skills and lack of confidence

Junior coders miss out on getting top salaries not because of skill, but because they lacked that extra oomph.

Meet Dan

He wants to work for top companies, however, he seems to always be getting rejected. Not getting responses. Dan realises that everything he’s learnt at university is not what companies are asking for. Dan is not sure what he should be focusing on or learning. He does not have any mentors or friends that can journey with him. Thus Dan accepts a role at a company who fits his skills, working on old technologies. Dan takes a low salary and cannot progress up in his tech skills because he can’t get that opportunity at his new company. Dan gets stuck in a loop.

Do you just want to be average like Dan?
Or do you want to be the top tech talent out there?

How to join the LAST-MILE Dev Bootcamp?

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After you’ve passed

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We are software developers who understand what top tech companies want and need

We have access to foreign companies that work on cool and exciting projects and willing to pay for top talent

Why are we doing the Last-Mile Dev Bootcamp

We want to build better developers. Someone who truly is passionate about software and wants to be at the forefront of software innovation. To create more innovation, we need better software developers who are working on cutting edge problems and technologies. I once worked with a public listed tech company that didn't even use git!!

What will you gain at our bootcamp?

Soft Skills
A critical skill for every top developer is being able to communicate their ideas to fellow developers, business teams and bosses. Being able to persuade, influence and communicate clearly is the most important aspect of a great developer.
  • Communication

  • Persuasion

  • Teamwork

  • Pitching

Hard Skills
Knowing the top tech stacks and future proofing yourself with the right technologies is critical. We guide you and teach you all the way through in all the key technologies that are sure to impress any company. We cover unique technologies in the entire stack.
  • Devops with Docker

  • Frontend with Vuejs

  • Backend with Golang

Think you got what it takes to be a rockstar?

Reach out to us to see if you are qualified.If you're not,you'll find out how you can be

Programme requirements

You have created a frontend application

You have created a backend web application

You are willing to put in 8-10 hours daily of learning and practice for 4 weeks

Complete the basic algorithm challenges on FreeCodeCamp

Pass our basic interview test to assess your level

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