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Refund Policy

We want to see you achieve your goals and we are 100% committed to help you so long you are committed to put in the effort! It is not an easy journey, but with a good attitude, an open mind, you will be able to make it happen.

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Complete Software Development Programme

The Hacker Collective’s Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee a job in tech or we provide a full refund. We consistently charge crazily below market rate and add way more value than what our student’s are paying. We are sincere about your growth and will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. If you fail to graduate the course, you get to repeat the programme up to 3 times for free. If things still don’t work out after 3 resits, we’ll refund your money.

Why are we doing this?

Our mission is to grow the tech ecosystem in this region, we want to see innovative tech solutions emerging from Southeast Asia, and not just from Silicon Valley or China.

To make that happen, we want to be able to educate people who eat, breathe, and sleep tech startups; people who are genuinely interested to change their lives and careers through our unique education system so that they can make a dent in history.

We understand that there can be a lot of uncertainties before enrolling for a unique learning model like ours, and that’s okay. This is why this refund policy exists. We are confident it works and we want you to know that you are in good hands.

If you want to join our learning programmes, but you’re unsure if you could make the jump and make a proper career out of it, rest assured that we’re committed to help you reach your goals, so long as you’re able to show us that you really want it and you’re committed and driven enough to make the career switch.

To know a little more about our why, please watch this training video here.

How our refund works?

We will refund 100% of received tuition fees to graduates who do not receive a tech job offer (as defined by the THC) within 6 months of graduation.

To qualify, graduates must meet and maintain eligibility as outlined below.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for your free resits or refund in the event that you cannot secure employment, you will have to demonstrate a willingness to commit yourself to our syllabus, as well as your efforts in applying for jobs. You are eligible for full refund if you meet these conditions:


You must have completed and graduated from the programme with over 70% attendance rate in all our programme meetups, unless there were valid reasons for absence (which need to be accompanied by show of proof, such as medical certificates).

Job Search Effort

Graduates who are actively applying but unable to get a paid tech job within 6 months of graduation will get a full refund.

A tech job means:
  • A position requiring knowledge of one or more of the following: software, data science, web development, iOS/Android development, cybersecurity, information technology, UI/UX design.
  • Any other position for which you would not have been qualified, considered, or promoted into, without your participation in THC’s programme or job placement efforts.
Applying means:
  • You are actively seeking out employment.
  • You will have to eligible for employment in the country that you wish to seek employment in.
  • You will need to present a minimum of 10 rejection letters.

The Hacker Collective’s Money Back Guarantee

The terms that we put in place are brief enough that those who are genuinely striving to find a career in the tech industry will be able to meet these requirements. This is to ensure that those in need of assistance will be able to get the necessary support required to achieve their goals of getting actual paying jobs and breaking into the industry. Each condition that’s put in place has their specific reasons, which are listed as follows:

  • Learning a new skill is never easy. You will be learning something new every single day. Because of that, you cannot afford to miss classes or skip projects at all if you plan to be proficient enough to be employed.
  • Throughout the programme, we will dedicate a lot of resources to optimise your learning journey with lectures, project collaborations, industry-leader sharing sessions, group activities, breakout sessions and interview/career prep seminars. If you miss any of these events, it will affect your learning drastically.
  • The job-seeking process requires a proactive effort on your end. When it comes to job applications, 10 rejection letters is considered minimal in comparison to market statistics from other educational institutions like bootcamps or universities.

Refund Policy Enquiries

We will review and respond to the graduate’s refund request within 30 days of submission. If approved, refunds will be issued within 7 days of refund approval.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this refund policy. We want you to feel confident when you choose to join our programme at The Hacker Collective.

Kindly forward an email to hey@hackercollective.co for any further enquiries.

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