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of the companies have already invested in employee upskilling due to tech advancements.


of companies say upskilling training has boosted productivity at work.


of employees who haven’t received any reskilling or upskilling training would prefer to work for a company that provides learning opportunities.

Invest In Your Team

Today's technology is developing rapidly and in order for any business to survive, your employees need to keep up with the advances in technology or else the business will likely be outperformed by their competitors.

Team chatting on the couch
Team chatting on the couch

Tech we work with. Future-proof technologies widely adopted in the tech world. Here are some of the key tech we use:


About Courses from THC:

Join our 3~6 months Complete Software Development Programme where we train your employees with the skills they need to become professional web developers or talk with us about your needs and we will build a custom programme for you employees!

Complete Software Development Programme

The skills your team will learn:
  • HTML, CSS, and responsive design
  • Javascript fundamentals
  • Version control using Git and Github
  • Paired programming & working in teams
  • Modern best practices

Build Your Own Upskill Programme

Custom programme design

We cooperate with companies in various fields to provide the most suitable and effective way to develop their team.

Get on a call with us and let’s discuss what’s the best programme we can provide to your employees!

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