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We grow with you from Zero to Full Stack Developer! From freelancing, to working remotely, to launching your own tech business. Our course covers everything you need to design, develop and deploy your full stack MVP tech product. Each group has a maximum of 3 students per instructor so you get plenty of personalized support.

What Is Included

  • Opportunity to get your hands on our remote, paid real-world projects
  • Unlimited personalized mentorship from your mentors
  • Weekly challenges, mini projects and reading materials to solidify your understanding of each topic
  • Access to private and diverse community of peers
  • Weekly online mentor-led learning groups
  • Access to video recordings of each session
  • Certifications provided upon completion of final project (Can be added to Linkedin certifications). See example here.
  • Co-working space provided (in Malaysia only)

Part 1: Front End Development

  • Join our private community events
  • Define the idea you want to build
  • Understand how the web works
  • Code the building block of the web with HTML
  • Start designing with CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Javascript ES6
  • Make your life easier and scale your app with Vue.js

Part 2: Back End Development

  • Introduction to Unix Command Lines
  • Version Control with Git/Github
  • Run Javascript outside of the web with Node.js
  • Create secure request endpoints with Express.js
  • Link your app to a database with MongoDB/Mongoose
  • Implement secure authentications with Auth0
  • Deploy your web application with Heroku
  • Each topic will come with challenges, mini projects and reading materials

Part 3: Final Project

  • Refine your app idea
  • Map your UX/UI
  • Design and wireframe your idea with Figma
  • Build your workflows
  • Define your database schema
  • Collaborate with your peers to start developing it from scratch
  • Code out the whole web application with the MEVN Stack
  • Deploy your app and start getting users

Our Awesome Jumpstarters

Our jumpstarters are people who learned technology from various backgrounds like computer science, self-taught coder, software engineer, entrepreneurship, software architect and cybersecurity! We work on a peer-learning model and they have successfully learned to code, worked professionally as developers and play a pivotal role in keeping the community tight.


"I joined the very first HiPO group and was very happy to find a great community that is passionate about learning new technologies. This has definitely sharpened my software development skills along the way and made me so much more confident in tackling real world projects."
Flutter Mobile App Developer
"Learning to code alone was really difficult. The Hacker Collective provided me the perfect platform to meet like-minded individuals and helped me open the doors to the world of development."
Ashley Foo
Pharmacy Student
"Started off as a junior HiPO participant learning web development from scratch, these weekly meetups motivated me in my journey in self-teaching. Now, I'm giving back by being a Jumpstarter for beginner groups!"
Finance graduate
“I’ve tried to learn coding online, but it’s hard when you’re doing it alone without any guidance. I’m happy to join the class as it accelerates my understanding towards the subject. The presence of classmates helped my motivation in tackling tough subjects.”
"I went from having zero knowledge to being fully exposed to the world of tech and improving my problem solving skills!"
Ray Soon
Electrical Engineer
"I joined The Hacker Collective because I was interested in learning how web application works and intrigued by coding. Throughout the course, I learned various programming languages. I have also successfully created my own web app"
College graduate
"I came across The Hacker Collective when I was looking into programming. They were able to provide a community where we were able to learn from one another. We were also able to pick up projects which is also what i'm currently doing right now with The Hacker Collective "
Economics graduate
"I joined The Hacker Collective because I really enjoy coding. The Hacker Collective has provided me a great platform to be part of projects."
Digital Marketer
"Coming from Iran, I told myself to self-learn coding with hopes to start my career as a front-end developer. However for the past year, I've been stuck in tutorial purgatory. I couldn't build anything from scratch! Now I'm really happy to be offered an opportunity to work on real-world projects with The Hacker Collective."
Business Management graduate

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We look forward to have you in our journey expanding the #selftaught movement across Southeast Asia!

November 2020

Full Stack Web Development

  • [Eng] Every Friday, 8PM - 10:30PM
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December 2020

Full Stack Web Development

  • [Eng] Every Tuesday 8PM - 10:30PM
  • 10/12 seats claimed
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January 2021

Full Stack Web Development

  • [Eng] Every Wednesday 8PM - 10:30PM
  • 7/12 seats claimed
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1. What is the end goal?

As a full-stack developer, you can design, develop and deploy customizable web applications for both desktop and mobile web browsers. You can even start freelancing and working remotely! You will be equipped with the skills to build a variety of products including social media platforms, Software-as-a-Service products, complex marketplaces, and complete inventory management systems.

2. I have no prior coding experience, can I still join?

Definitely! Our web development course is tailored to be beginner friendly. Do take note that your own effort is also expected on top of our weekly meetups.

3. Any hidden costs?

Zero hidden costs! None at all. We only charge a fixed fee and recommend all free open-source tools.

4. Do I need an idea for an app?

You don't need an idea to start! But if you do have one, the jumpstarters will help you refine and iterate during your time together, as well as help you take in and synthesize user feedback.

5. What is the mentor-to-student ratio?

We allocate 3-5 mentors to each group of 10. That's a 1:2 mentor-student ratio. In university it's 1 lecturer to 100 students. In bootcamps it's 3-5 mentors to 30 students. We keep our groups small to ensure each student gets the feedback and attention they need to build and launch their app.

6. What do I need to participate in the learning groups?

All our learning groups are remote, students join us from all over Southeast Asia! You will need a computer with an internet connection (recommended 1.5Mbps up/1.5Mbps down). We also recommend a mic and a web camera so you can participate in each session - most laptops have these built-in.

7. What if I need help when I'm trying to learn by myself at home?

Feel free to contact your mentors anytime via Discord/Whatsapp any time at all throughout the week! We provide unlimited mentorship and guidance.

8. Will there be opportunities to meet up with other people in the community?

Of course! We frequently host online/physical Townhall Sessions where the community come together, network and build projects together. This can be a perfect opportunity for everyone from The Hacker Collective community to network and meet people from other groups!

9. Are the sessions recorded?

Yes, all our sessions are recorded and learning group members are given access to them to review between classes.

10. What is your refund policy?

We operate on a strict no refunds policy. Our team and jumpstarters take time to create a community for each participant so that you get the most possible out of your time. If you have experienced life extreme circumstances and will be unable to attend, let us know as soon as possible.