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The Hacker Collective is a growing community where techies, entrepreneurs and changemakers of new ventures and side projects can work together and share their journey transparently, and where newcomers can come to engage and learn from those examples.

Our goal is to empower 1000 individuals in the next 12 months to be tech savvy individuals. Individuals that can think like hackers, armed with the knowledge of software and go on to monetise their skillsets by making impact in society.

It’s 2021, and the time is now! 🎉🎉
Whether you’re just starting on your journey learning from scratch or still developing your MVP or making USD100/month or USD10,000/month, it’s easier than ever now to draw an income from your own projects.



No matter if you have just graduated from high school seeking to build a career in technology or a lane changer in search for better career opportunities or someone sick of the rat race and want to build your own thing, we’re here for you.

The fastest way to a career in tech. Job or money back!

After doing it ourselves and repeatedly seeing success in our student’s journeys, we now have a proven framework so that you can straight up follow, deploy and monetise asap!

Get behind the scenes of the thought process & strategies, so that you can do it yourself regardless of your educational background. Even if you don’t have a university degree. The more you should check us out.

Team chatting on the couch
Team chatting on the couch
Team members gathering near a television

We co-found tech startups with you as your trusted CTO.

Rather focus on the business side of things, get customers and bring in revenue? Awesome. Leave all the tech implementation to us. Let’s talk!

Imagine having a solid team with you who’s able to build anything you want, cheap and fast. Bring your startup ideas to life, gain traction and get investors begging to have a share in your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Team members gathering near a television

Stories of Hackers Series

Stories of Hackers is a collection of inspiring stories and interviews with people with the hacker mindset.

Get behind the scenes of the journey behind their successes so that you can do it yourself regardless of your backgrounds and goals. Absorb the hacker mindset and start being one!

Hipo 12 zoom session



We strategically collaborate with Southeast Asian technopreneurs to turn their radical ideas into business and help change the lives of many others.



Just take it from our current and past community members.
Our members aren't just satisfied, they have gotten real results and so can you too!


by Google Reviews
Picture of Jo Yee

Jo Yee

Malaysian Flag

HR Consultant turned
Software Sales Exec

"If you are curious about coding and would like to try it, I highly recommend THC because they have mentors and a supportive community to encourage you to keep on learning, no one is stupid here, we are start from somewhere and you will enjoy the feeling of being able to learn something you thought was complex but it turns out to be something so interesting and enjoyable. The courses are set at a reasonable price (honestly best price out there compared to all the others coding academies). Please visit their website and register if you're curious."

Picture of MJ

Michael Munar

Philippines flag

Student turned Software Developer

"Would give 10 stars if I could. Definitely worth the time and the money, you would learn a lot of new tech stuff. Even with me being here in the Philippines and them being based on Malaysia, I had no issue in regards to classes and they always provide help anytime. I'm recommending this not only as a student, but also as one of their newly hired Junior Web Developer!"

Picture of Ashley


Hong Kong flag

Digital & Social Media Marketeer

"Thank you The Hacker Collective for all the opportunities, guidance and support to help me kickstart my freelancing journey! 100% recommend!"

Picture of Melissa

Melissa Lim

Malaysian flag

Tax Accountant turned IT Project Coordinator

"Had such a great time and experience learning programming as a true beginner with zero background in programming. The programme is so affordable compared to other bootcamps! Plus you get to reach out to the super friendly mentors for help anytime and also explore projects together with fellow beginners! Oh, and i managed to transition my from Tax into an IT role after joininng the programme! 100% recommended :D"

Picture of Minh

Minh Hoàng Dương

Vietnam flag

English Teacher turned Junior Developer

"The Hacker Collective is truly an amazing place for anyone who wants to get into web development. I've learned so much and I think the values they're providing me really exceeded my expectations. But you know, don't take my word for it. Just join in and experience for yourself. The mentors are very knowledgeable and supportive, the students are really passionate and the THC community as a whole is amazing. Anyone can find opportunities if you work hard and never give up."

Picture of Sitihawa

Sitihawa Haidrus

Malaysian flag

Student at The Hacker Collective

"It's really great to have a same interest community to help you explore the technology world together as you will somehow feeling demotivated or lost at some point. Having a friend who share the same problems with and finding the solutions together is really helpful. I'm really glad to have found THC and making this journey together."

Tech we work with. Future-proof technologies widely adopted in the tech world. Here are some of the key tech we use:


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Join the movement, it starts with you.”

photo of full stack hipo

Learn from the success of professionals who earn their place the non-conventional way, founders behind profitable online businesses, and connect with many others who are just starting their journey.

5 simple steps:
1.Commit to your personal goal
2.Find accountability partners
3.Work on your project idea
4.Find yourself a job / Find your first customers
5.Start making a new, empowered living out of your new skillsets.

Learning Groups


Be it self-learning a new skill, starting a new venture, or freelancing, you’ll find like-minded people with complementary skillsets in here to help accelerate your journey to achieve your goals!

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