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High Performance
A concept within organization development referring to teams, organizations, or virtual groups that are highly focused on their goals and that achieve superior results.

Self Directed
A personality trait of self-determination, that is, the ability to regulate and adapt behavior to the demands of a situation in order to achieve personally chosen goals and values

Learning Group
A group of individuals coming together for a common purpose, which is to learn and grow

So what exactly is a HiPO Coding Group?

A HiPo is high performance self directed learning group. It's a study group with very focused goals to learn a particular topic and achieve their outcomes. At The Hacker Collective, we believe this is the best way for anyone to learn to code. Not by learning at home, not from teachers, not from going back to school. It's joining a support group that can help each other and learn from one another.

How does it work?

A group of 6-8 individuals is formed. In this group, they shall meetup once a week to learn and discuss coding ideas together. This is where the group shall come together to learn and teach one another as they go through their coding journey.

The HiPO group knows how to use the best of resources from the web, where everything is provided free of charge. A HiPO group is self-reliant and resourceful. They are able to source around to find suitable resources that will further their learning.

The HiPO group consists of 2 stages
1) Jumpstart Stage: 1 month
We have an experienced tech coder that will be with the group during this phase whereby they shall guide the group and bring them along the journey towards becoming a full fledged coder
2) Learning Stage: 6 months
This is where the experienced tech coder shall leave the group and become self-sufficient. The group will learn on their own with an elected leader who will be in charge of helping the group learn and grow.

The Hacker Collective helps form and start HiPO groups.

1) We gather the group by finding passionate individuals who wish to gain the skills of code and be tech savvy.
2) We have JUMPSTARTERS that will be with the group for the first month whereby JUMPSTARTERS formulate the plan, set the roadmap and get the group on track towards self-learning
3) We give templates and learning guides to help the group run on their own

After 4 weeks, the JUMPSTARTER will leave the group and only be in contact through SLACK. The group appointed leader shall take over the role and lead everyone towards tech heaven.

Here's how we help our students jumpstart their coding journey

1) Mentor facilitated coding group
In this coding group, we will have a mentor that will guide the group and share with the group what is the right path to go to. The coding group will learn together and ultimately graduate together to become full fledged junior coders. The main purpose of the code mentor is to make sure the group moves in the right direction, gives them advice and share with them the path of learning so they do not go down the wrong path

2) Organised weekly town hall sessions
This is where we have a big meeting with all our other study groups. They come together once a week to just code together, listen to talks or just network. We believe that everyone needs to be part of this support group to continuously exchange ideas and hear out from each other. They can also work on their projects together or just make friends. It's free for students in our program, but paid for the public.

3) Internships & job placements
After 6 months, students should be good enough to get a job. For those that are not yet fully ready, we help them link up with internships through our community contacts. We will directly introduce them to CTO's of various tech startups to increase their chances of getting an internship. We are also planning Singapore Internship placements for the future

4) Online chat support
When students do not understand something, and need help, they are free to msg our whatsapp and slack groups.

Want to find out more? Apply below to join our HiPO group and we will invite you for our info sessions.


How much does it cost?
RM1000 for the whole program paid monthly

Can I become a coder once I graduate?
Yes. It will take roughly 6 months to finish the program