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The Bootcamp for

Too many startup founders get burned by poor tech implementation. Don’t let that be you.

Come Join The 4 Weekends Immersive Startup Bootcamp (Technopreneur)!

Hey there, it's Ming and Deric from The Hacker Collective

We are launching this camp because we felt there is a big demand for the future of entrepreneurs in this country to become digital natives. Technopreneurs. Entrepreneurs who can transform their industries into digital powerhouses. Everything is now being transformed through technology.

Our camp is to bring together the best and the brightest individuals who want to change their careers by upskilling themselves with technology

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Upcmoing Sessions

  • THC Immersive KL 1 (4 weeks)

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2020
    Saturday - Sunday, 7am - 11pm
  • THC Immersive KL 2 (4 weeks)

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2020
    Saturday - Sunday, 7am - 11pm

Meet your camp mentors

Photo of Ming

Ming Yu

All about tech projects, the hacker mindset and scaling startups.

Photo of Deric


He believes that with true passion and grit, you will be able to pick up just about anything.

Photo of Shatish


Entrepreneur with a true passion for chocolates and code.

Photo of Sultani


It's all about making an impact on the people around him and making the world a better place with technology.

Our Camp

A 2 weekends camp for 4 weeks. No one said it was gonna be easy. You work, play, eat and sleep tech. You shall work together with your peers and mentors to build and transform yourself into a tech genius. One that can understand the roles of tech and how it all works.

Weekend 1

Weekend 1: Coding - How programming works

Learn what programming is really about. Understand logic statements, variables and functions. Discover how to be a good coder and understand the language of machines.

Weekend 2

Weekend 2: Frontend - Understand how sites are created

Do you ever wonder how a website really gets created.How it’s designed. Learn HTML and CSS, the key languages that form a website. Design and code your own website from scratch. Style it, make it mobile responsive. Get a feel for what it takes to be a full fledged website and front end developer.

Weekend 3

Weekend 3: Backend - Understand all about servers

This is the heart of your app. The back room engine. Where all the code and logic is created. Figure out how these complex machines work under the hood and learn how to create one of Your own. Figure out how they function, understand the landscape for backend servers and how to measure its performance.

Weekend 4

Weekend 4: Devops - Deploy applications to the internet & cloud

The end game of every app is to deploy it for the world to see. Here we deploy a server from scratch and load your own application on it. Make it accessible to your friends and get it secured through HTTPS. deploy your own server today.

What's A Technopreneurship Camp?

Technopreneurship is the next big thing in the start-up ecosystem. A technopreneur is a founder who's able to lead a team and build up their own idea from scratch. They defy existing practices and thinks of doing things differently. It involves coming together of people who are intelligent, driven, creative, tech-savvy and passionate and have an appetite for calculated risk. If that sounds cool to you, awesome. This is what this camp is all about.


Got more questions? Feel free to drop us a message on Facebook, Whatsapp or Email!

Who is the technopreneurship camp aimed at?

We started this with entrepreneurs in mind, targeted at anyone with goals to utilise tech in any aspect of their venture. Those with dreams of building the next big thing, to make a difference in this world, to be able to lead your tech team effectively, this is the camp for you.

How long is the duration of the program?

4 weeks. Immerse yourself for an entire day with a group of like-minded invidiuals, once each week for a full day camp experience.

Is lunch and dinner provided?

Yep! Definitely. It will be a full camp-style experience where you completely immerse yourself in the programme to make the most out of it. We provide highly nutritional F&B, optimised for the learning experience

Will the camp be tough?

It wouldn't be easy at all. Plus the fact that we're shrinking all the key tech startup fundamentals wouldn't make it any easier. But it will definitely not as drilling as our weekly HiPO learning group or a Computer Science degree, because those are done with the sole goal of getting you a tech job! This is to make you a competent and dynamic leader, to properly manage your tech team.

Can we sleep over at the location?

Definitely. We have accommodation provided for those who want to stay the night, including people who travel from other states or other countries.

I have no prior coding experience, can I still join?

Definitely! Our technopreneurship camp is tailored to be beginner friendly, mainly for the business-savvy people to understand just enough tech to be dangerous.

What can I achieve at the end of the camp?

Building a successful software product is not a one man show. It involves coming together of people who are intelligent, driven, creative, tech-savvy and passionate and have an appetite for calculated risk. You will be able to effectively lead your tech team, know how the vast world of programming technologies fit together and bring your your software product to scale at the lowest cost, without facing tech burnout.

Can’t I just learn everything online?

Hmm. This is actually a super good question. Technically, you can! But it's going to be super tough. Technology is vast. We've done it ourselves, but it took us years of collective effort to get to where we are today! Therefore we're taking the years of pain and struggle and shrinking it into a one-month concise, straight-to-the-point, hands-on camp. For you to get all you need to know about leading a tech team and bringing your own idea to life.

Have you guys ran the Technopreneurship Camp before?

This is our first time running the technopreneurship camp! But we've experienced leading over 10 learning groups with our community members moving on to work in various tech projects and digital agencies. The idea behind why we're starting this technopreneurship camp on top of our usual weekly meet-up is simple. The weekly meet-up is a full, comprehensive programme to bring individuals from zero to full-stack developer. But we noticed a significant proportion of our community members are learning it up solely to manage their tech team. There's absolutely no need to sit through the pain of learning code from scratch if your goal is to to lead tech teams, not be a full-stack coder.


Feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

Just drop us a text any time at all via a phone call, Whatsapp or Email if you have any questions or would just like to find out more! We're always looking forward to interesting ideas and partnerships!

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