The Hacker Collective | Learn Flutter Mobile App Development!
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Flutter Mobile App Development

Duration: 5 months

About this course

Ever wanted to create your own Mobile Application. Had an idea for an app but couldn't implement it because you weren't familiar with App Development? We got you! With The Hacker Collective, you can build your dream Mobile Application from scratch!

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Can I just enroll in a single course? I'm not interested in all the other amazing courses offered.

Definitely! Though we do give offers every now and then for participants who take up more courses with us.

This sounds cool. But what can I expect to do after the programme?

Depending on your skill level, you could go on to build your own tech startup, freelance, work remotely, or be employed as a software developer. The learning never stops for software developers! We believe you can become a junior developer or at the very least intern at a firm before becoming a full time developer! The Hacker Collective team is always working with business partners to provide placement positions for our graduates.

What background knowledge is necessary?

Basic computer knowledge would be great, but not necessary. We tailored the course to be beginner friendly, also do take note that we expect at least 15 hours of hard work on your end throughout the week, on top of our 3 hours weekly meetups.

Any opportunities to meet up with other people in the community?

Of course! We're working on monthly Townhall Sessions, where the community come together and build projects together with The Hacker Collective members, and weekly open live sessions on Zoom. This would be the perfect opportunity for everyone from the THC community to network and meet people from other groups!

How much will I be paid at tech internships?

Depending on the company and country, in Malaysia it's approximately RM800-RM1500.

What if I need help when I'm trying to learn myself at home?

Feel free to contact your mentors anytime via Discord! They will be there to help answer your programming questions for the rest of the week when you're not at the HiPO meetup!


We came up with hollistic syllabus to help guide you on your journey learning to build beautiful, functional cross-platform mobile apps by applying hands-on experience with Flutter.

  • Syllabus
    • Coding Fundamentals & OOP
    • Flutter Widgets
    • State Management
    • Asynchronous Programming
    • Firebase Backend Integration
    • Build and Deploy Real Projects

In these 2 months, we'll be building up the algorithmic mindset and learning up all the pre-requisites before going into Flutter.

  • Foundational Understanding
    • Algorithmic Thinking
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Coding Principles
    • Dart Programming Language
  • Project: Solve 5 algorithmic scripting challenges with your team mates

To introduce students to Flutter overall ecosystem and developing a basic app (1 screen) using pre-built Flutter widget by referencing the Material Design Guideline.

  • Flutter I
    • Intro to Cross-platform Development
    • Understand Structure of Flutter App
    • Setup - Flutter SDK (Dart & Xcode)
    • Flutter Layout and Navigations
  • Project: Build A Calculator App

To develop student's ability in composing UI layout in Dart codes by customising Flutter Widgets and interact with external system through network calls

  • Flutter II
    • Build custom flutter widgets
    • Understand stateless & stateful Widgets
    • Managing flutter packages (pubspec.yaml)
    • Asynchronous programming in Flutter
    • Consuming API and decoding JSON
  • Project: Build a Pokemon List App!

To introduce students with more advanced concepts such as state management, animation & user interaction through backend integration.

  • Flutter III
    • Access mobile components and sensors
    • Backend integration with Firebase
    • State management in Flutter app
    • Connecting to Native (IOS/Android) using Camera, GPS etc
  • Project: Build a chat app with Flutter & Firebase integration

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